Overwatch’s Christmas Event Looks Set To Begin Next Week On Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC

The third, limited-time event for Blizzard’s shooter Overwatch looks set to begin December 13th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, it seems. A short clip was posted to the game’s official Twitter page today that simply reads “You’re invited!” with a video depicting the King’s Row map covered in snow, eventually revealing a message that contains further details.

Check it out below:

What exactly players can expect to find next week when the event goes live remains to be seen, but it’s probably safe to assume it will follow a similar formula to that seen in past cases. The Halloween and Summer Games events both saw the introduction of suitably themed loot boxes containing exclusive skins, sprays, voice lines and the like, so you’ll want to start hoarding those credits if you haven’t already.

As far as more permanent additions to Overwatch go, there’s several changes on the cards that we know about. Besides a new map – Oasis – drastic changes will be made to underused character Symmetra in order to realize her original purpose as a vital support fighter. For now though, it’s time to get in the Christmas spirit.

Expect Blizzard to dispatch a launch trailer for the event some time next week.