Overwatch: New Hero Orisa Arrives March 21 On Xbox One, PlayStation 4 And PC


Overwatch‘s latest hero, Orisa, arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next week, Blizzard has confirmed. Breaking the good news via a new Hero Preview video (above), various members of the development team provide their own thoughts on the new addition to the tank role, with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan describing her as an anchor tank, likening Orisa’s impact on the battlefield to that of Reinhardt, a slower hero who is able to stand his ground and focuses on protecting teammates rather than killing the enemy team.

By now, of course, many of you will have already spent a great deal of time getting to grips with the intricacies of Orisa’s arsenal by way of the PTR servers, who has been endowed with such a frighteningly effective repertoire of abilities by her creator, Efi Odalele. In case you missed the string of teasers Blizzard released leading up to the character’s announcement, Efi is a child genius who created Orisa for the purposes of protecting the citizens of Numbani, for which the quadruped is now its guardian.

There are a few other neat details touched upon in the preview, including how Orisa’s design was influenced by early tests that replaced Zarya’s usual weapon of choice with Bastion’s minigun. The result proved to rather enjoyable, by the looks of it.

Orisa is available March 21 for all aforementioned platforms, and she’ll be joining existing character Bastion as a member of Overwatch‘s non-organic cast. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t upset the meta balance as much as he has been over the last few weeks.

Source: Destructoid