New Overwatch Webcomic Reflections Introduces Tracer’s Girlfriend Emily


Thanks to the ongoing Winter Wonderland event, the festive season is already in full swing for Overwatch players, but Blizzard’s latest webcomic, Reflections, heralds a heartwarming yarn featuring several of the shooter’s more prominent characters.

One of which is Tracer, the sprightly, pixie-esque Offense class, who can be seen kissing her girlfriend, Emily, upon exchanging gifts. The latter isn’t a member of the Overwatch roster, instead cropping up in the game’s underlying lore, but according to Lead Writer Michael Chu, the Reflections comic represents an opportunity for Blizzard to celebrate the sheer diversity of not only the Overwatch cast, but the world we live in.

Per GameSpot:

“I think what we were really inspired by was all the diversity in our world. Different cultures, history, the different pop-cultures that are in different places, like anime and manga, movies and comic books – we wanted to take inspiration from all these things.

“What we were really excited about in this comic is we don’t often get a chance to see the personal lives of the characters. I think when we were talking about what a holiday comic could be, we thought this was a really great opportunity to see those characters away from the battlefield and see their friends, families and loved-ones. Just see them in a slightly different setting.”

Blizzard has stated in the past that the Overwatch roster contains multiple queer characters, though Tracer is the first to have our sexual orientation confirmed officially. You can have a gander at the full Reflections webcomic via Blizzard’s site; however, it should be noted that the company chose to forgo a release in Russia “to comply with Russian legislation.”

As for the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event, it’s set to continue through until the beginning of January, while Terry Crews continues to express a burning desire to enroll in Blizzard’s hero shooter, possibly as the hulking Doomfist.