Overwatch’s Third Competitive Season Ends Next Week, February 21

The current season of Overwatch competitive play has been given an end date. As per Blizzard’s announcement on Twitter, season three comes to a close on February 21 at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST/12 am GMT, so you’ve got less than a week left to try and raise your rank for the best payout possible. Once it’s over, players will have just one week to rest before season 4 kicks off on February 28 or March 1, depending on where you live.

Regardless of where you ultimately ended up placing on the tiered ranking system, all players who completed their initial ten placement matches will be awarded an exclusive spray and player icon depicting the Kremlin-inspired buildings of Volskaya Industries, with the top 500 players on each platform receiving an additional commemorative icon and animated spray.

As for placement rewards, all ranks, from Bronze all the way up to Grandmaster, will receive a number of competitive points, ranging from a rather modest 100 for the former to a whopping 3000 for the latter. In case this is the first season in which you’ve participated, CP can be used to purchase golden weapon skins, although with each one costing 3000, you’ll be saving for quite a few months, even if you reach Diamond rank.

Overwatch has seen some big changes come and go over the course of its third season, including the release of new character Sombra and drastic changes to support character Symmetra. Along with frequent tweaks to popular picks Roadhog and D.Va, there’s certainly been no shortage of controversy. Assuming the proposed changes to Bastion (and perhaps the arrival of a new character) come to fruition, expect season 4 to follow suit in much the same way.

Source: VG247