Patch 1.1.2 Will Introduce Item-Locks And Tower Fashion For Destiny Players


Patch 1.1.2 may be without a release date, but that hasn’t stopped Bungie from detailing the contents that the update will bring to Destiny players.

Chief among those new-fangled additions include fixes to ammo drops in the Crucible – the shooter’s multiplayer segment, not to mention tower fashion and an array of minor weapon tweaks and fixes. Taking to the studio’s official blog, designer Kevin Yanes spoke about those changes to in-game ammunition, and how Guardians will soon find Special and Heavy ammo harder to come by as the development team strive to instil a more balanced gameplay experience.

Special Ammo will spawn less frequently, it will take longer to pick up, there will be less crates located on the map, and the bricks you find will provide you with less ammo. The main thing we wanted to prevent in terms of Heavy Ammo was players trying to buffer their supply by sitting within range of a brick without picking it up

This hurts your ability to anticipate when heavy ammo would be in play during a match. By introducing despawn conditions, we’re ensuring that players will have to acquire ammo when it becomes available, or risk losing it all together.

Alongside these ammunition tweaks, patch 1.1.2 will also bring about the ability to lock items in your inventory lest your ever accidentally delete them. Moreover, Guardians will be able to toggle their helmet when hanging out in the game’s Tower, which is a welcome addition given how Destiny encourages players to show off their wares.

No word yet on the release date for House of Wolves, the shooter’s second mainline expansion, though it’s expected that Destiny players will learn more about the DLC later this month.

Source: Bungie