Petition For Days Gone 2 Nearing 70,000 Signatures

Days Gone

A petition aimed at making Sony reconsider its stance on the future of a beloved PlayStation franchise has reached a tremendous milestone.

Intended to enter production not long after the original game’s release in 2019, Bend Studio’s plans for Days Gone 2 went sideways earlier this year when it was confirmed that the sequel had been canned, despite its predecessor recording strong sales in the UK, North America and Japan during its initial launch period. While no official reason for the second installment’s cancelation has ever been given, several reports released since claim that Sony wasn’t satisfied with Days Gone‘s performance, as it ultimately failed to record the same numbers as other IPs, such as God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Unwilling to take the news sitting down, fans have now rallied behind an online campaign to see grease monkey Deacon St. John’s story continued. The drive, kickstarted by user Kanhai Raval, currently sits at roughly 69,000 signatures and counting, and it’s continuing to bring in supporters at a very quick rate.

A commendable effort, then, but it’s worth noting that gaming companies rarely, if ever, officially recognize let alone act on such sentiments, meaning the action-adventure sequel is unlikely to see the light of day as a direct result of this peaceful crusade.

It was only last year, after all, that EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II was the subject of a similar movement yet did nothing to reverse the multiplayer title’s fortunes, even though the petition managed to attract far greater exposure and more than 100,000 unique supporters.

Did you sign with the hopes of Days Gone 2 being revived, though? Share your take on the situation down below!