Xbox One Is Offering 5 Free Games This Weekend

Saints Row IV

Everything might feel like it’s falling apart in the world right now, but you can always count on gaming to raise your spirits a little bit. It’s actually been a pretty good few months for gamers, especially since there have been so many free titles to help fight off boredom during the pandemic. And if you’re an Xbox One owner, you’ve got 5 new games to grab this weekend at no cost – but act fast, because you don’t have long to check them all out.

If you subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, you can get your hands on the first two titles the service is offering for the month of May. To begin with, we have the rally racer V-Rally 4, which may not be the best sim-racer available, but should scratch the itch if you’re a racing fan looking for something to kill some time with. Secondly, you can snag Sensible World of Soccer for some sports fun, and since it was originally launched back on the Xbox 360, you can even play it on there if you’d like.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Dragon Ball FighterZ are both free until May 10th as well so long as you have an online subscription, but it’s unlikely you can beat either of them in such a short period of time. Luckily, you can grab the games at a discount after the free trial ends, so it’s not so bad.

Saints Row IV

Last on the list is the ever-popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (more commonly known as PUBG), which is free until May 10th as well. The game is now in its 7th season with plenty of new features to enjoy, and once the free weekend ends, you can buy this one at a discount, too.

Clearly, you have plenty of options to dive into and try out this weekend, and with so little time left to do so, Xbox One owners will have to make some quick decisions on which games sound best. So, act fast and enjoy them before it’s too late!