Player Mod Teases What Uber Jason Will Look Like In Friday The 13th: The Game


Aside from its highly engaging gameplay, one thing that has attracted so many fans toward Friday the 13th: The Game is that you can choose from so many different versions of Jason. Really, with the character having donned a variety of costumes and masks all throughout the expansive series of films, it’s only natural that each look have its share of supporters.

What’s funny is that we’re about to bring up two of my favorite entries into the franchise because not only was the most recent example of new skins reflective of what was seen in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, but one of those on the horizon is that of Uber Jason, which you’ll recognize from Jason X.

That’s right, I just admitted that I dig Jason X – and apparently someone else out there does as well because a resourceful player managed to swap out Part VIII’s Jason for that of the futuristic version seen in previews. Unfortunately, a patch issued by Gun Media now makes it impossible to utilize this skin, but you can savor all this awesomeness in the video below.

Speaking of which, Kane Hodder – who did motion capture for every version of Jason seen in the game – recently told us about how he approached placing Voorhees into an atypical setting in the film:

“So, I was a little hesitant about the idea, but I thought it really doesn’t matter where Jason is as long as he’s consistent with what’s he’s always been. So, I figured I’m in space, but I’m still gonna be the same character: Brutally violent to everyone within reach and it’ll just be the setting that’s different. That’s how I approached it. It was an interesting movie, different ideas and stuff, of course. The Uber Jason look was pretty good.”

Right now, it looks like it may be quite some time before Uber Jason will be officially made playable in Friday the 13th: The Game, but we’ll keep you posted should anything else arise.