[Update] Image Of PlayStation 4 Console Leaked Via Rumored E3 2013 Teaser Video

rumored playstation 4 box (4)

[Update] Sony has now revealed the actual PlayStation 4 at E3 2013, you can see images of the real console and details of is launch in our coverage of the event. Original story below:

Youtube user “Ken tucky” uploaded a video to his relatively new channel today of what he claims is Sony’s E3 2013 reveal teaser video for the upcoming PlayStation 4. If the video turns out to be legitimate, it has provided us with our first glimpse of Sony’s next generation PlayStation console.

The teaser video is 44 seconds long, and certainly looks as if it could be a real Sony production. If nothing else, it is just creepy enough to fit in perfectly with some of the PlayStation 3 promotional videos. Actually, we take that back. It is far less creepy than some of Sony’s past efforts.

Any any rate, the bulk of the unconfirmed video is made up of tight shots of several different people — who all have PlayStation button logos (triangle, circle, x, square) imprinted on their eyeballs — starring into the camera. Cut in between some of the transitions between these people are extremely quick shots of the PlayStation 4 console.

The PlayStation 4 box shown in the rumored teaser trailer is black in color, Apple-TV shaped, and has a bright LED strip running down the front of the console. The top of the box contains the PlayStation logo, followed by the text “PS4”. A self-loading disc slot can been seen on the front of the console, along with two USB ports, and both a Wi-Fi and power indicator. Additionally, the rumored console has logos printed under the disc slot for the following brands: Blu-ray Disc, DVD Video, compact disc, Dolby Digital, dts-HD: High Definition Audio, and Bluetooth.

We have embedded the unconfirmed PlayStation 4 teaser video and a gallery of screenshots showing the console below. As of the time of publication, neither the video or the images of the PS4 console have been confirmed by Sony, and all of it should be considered a rumor. We will update this post with more information as it becomes available.

[Update] Sony has issued a statement to Kotaku claiming that the teaser is “fake”.

Backing up Sony’s statement is that the PlayStation buttons shown in the “fake” teaser are in the order: X, circle, square, triangle. This is inconsistent with how Sony typically displays the button logos: triangle, circle, x, square.