PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.50 Out Tomorrow, Introduces PC Remote Play And More


Emerging from a closed beta test, Sony has confirmed that firmware 3.50, the latest system update for PlayStation 4, will begin rolling out tomorrow, April 6.

Codenamed Musashi, firmware 3.50 heralds the long-anticipated addition of Remote Play on PC and Mac, along with the ability to schedule events, appear offline and receive online notifications for when select friends sign into to PSN. All of that and more is outlined in the video above.

When it comes to Remote Play, Sony listed the compatible operating systems that will support the novel streaming feature, and PC and Mac users can pick up and play their software library independent of the PS4 so long as they have a DualShock 4 handy. Below, you’ll find the required technical specifications.

Windows 8.1
Windows 10 or later
OS X 10.10
OS X 10.11

You’ll be able to select from the following resolution and frame rate options, depending on your Internet bandwidth.

Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p
Default resolution – 540p
Frame rate : Standard (30fps), High (60fps)
Default frame rate – Standard (30fps)

Elsewhere, there’s also the option to broadcast directly to DailyMotion, small social tweaks that allow you to tag fellow players in screenshots and videos, not to mention a PSN tracker that gives you the chance to check in on the status of Sony’s network during unexpected downtime, scheduled maintenance and the like.

From tomorrow, April 6, PlayStation 4 users will be able to download the console’s latest system update. But which new feature are you most looking forward to?

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