PlayStation 4 Sales Creep Closer To 20 Million With New Milestone


Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has officially broken 18.5 million in global sales.

The information arrives after the translation of a PlayStation Japan announcement by Gematsu. Over the 2014 holiday season, Sony managed to connect 4.1 million consoles to gamers everywhere and lock in 10.9 million PlayStation Plus subscriptions. Sony’s CEO, Kazuo Hirai, managed to savor the moment during Sony’s CES 2015 keynote.

“I’m liking those numbers. This is a remarkable success for this next generation console, and, actually, exceeding the rate of adoption of any other PlayStation platform [to date]. PlayStation 4 continues to attract our valued users while providing the best place to play, and together with our third party developers and publishers, including a remarkable group of independent game developers, we will continue to provide the best entertainment available, while delivering Sony signature wow to our valued customers.”

With Sony’s current milestone closing in on 20 million and the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One for nearly a year, it makes me wonder if Microsoft has anything left up their sleeve. In order to gain their November lead, Microsoft cut the price of their console for the holiday season and now their power seems to have grown strong enough to return the Xbox One to its original price. This decision, however, leaves much speculation about the Xbox One’s lasting appeal for prospective consumers moving into the new year.

Source: VG24/7

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