PlayStation 4 Sales Outpace Xbox One For The Tenth Consecutive Month


According to a data report published by NPD for the month of October, PlayStation 4 has outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One for a tenth consecutive month in the United States.

Sony confirmed the news via Twitter, revealing that the PS4 was indeed the top-selling console in North America for the month of October.

Undoubtedly, this is a remarkable achievement for the Japanese company; after all, PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console of all time in some territories including Australia.

And while it’s easy to deduce that the PS4 is blazing a path of its own with 13.5 million units sold, the Xbox One is still selling faster than the 360 relative to this stage in its life cycle. Moreover, Microsoft recently confirmed that the company’s current-gen console has shipped 10 million units, which positions that hardware relatively close to Sony’s system, and given the recent, limited price promotion — one which knocks off $50 from the Xbox One and the bundles — it’ll be interesting to see what the NPD figures reveal in the early stages of 2015.

After all, Xbox 360 had a seemingly insurmountable lead during the early stages of last generation, but thanks to a challenging price point and an enticing roster of exclusives, the PlayStation 3 reached parity with its counterpart by the time the successors came around. So, it’d be foolish to rule out the Xbox One at this nascent stage of the generation.