PlayStation 4 To Receive 3D Blu-Ray Support Next Week

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Are you one of those gamers that doubles your PlayStation 4 as a super powerful box that plays all the latest and greatest Blu-Ray experiences, but frustrated that the system isn’t 3D capable yet? Maybe you are anticipating 3D Blu-Ray support in the hopes that inevitably some PlayStation 4 games will take advantage of the 3D capabilities?

Well, whatever the reason is, Sony has officially announced via its Twitter account that the PlayStation 4 will indeed be receiving 3D Blu-Ray support through the next system update.

Right about now you’re probably saying to yourself, “I just updated that freaking thing yesterday, you’re telling me there’s another update!?” And to that I say yes, except that this isn’t your average stability update meant to fix a bunch of boring issues filled with technical jargon. This is an update that will introduce a long-awaited media feature.

Sony Worldwide Studios head honcho Shuhei Yoshida also went on to discuss numerous tantalizing features that should be arriving in future updates soon. Features of note include the long-teased ability to resume and suspend your PlayStation 4 – basically, you will be able to turn your console off but resume your exact spot in gameplay when powering it back on much like the Vita – and the revolutionary concept of allowing gamers to join your session of Far Cry 4 even if they don’t have the game.

The future continuously looks bright for the PlayStation 4, and we will keep you posted on all of its ambitious features as they appear.

Source: CVG