One Of PlayStation 4’s Best Games Ever Is Now On Sale For $3

Far Cry 3

A bonafide classic from the Ubisoft archives is currently up for sale over on Sony’s PlayStation Store for its lowest price yet.

Originally released way back in 2012 for last-gen consoles, Far Cry 3 takes place on the fictional Rook Islands situated somewhere between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The unassuming Jason Brody and his brother Riley, celebrating the latter receiving his pilot’s license, inadvertently skydive onto one of the locations only to find it controlled by a fanatical group of pirates led by one Vaas Montenegro (voiced by Better Call Saul‘s Michael Mando).

Eager to avoid being sold into slavery, Jason joins forces with the island’s native Rakyat tribe in order to drive Vaas and his followers away, liberating enemy-controlled outposts and eliminating the group’s hierarchy one by one.

Far Cry 3

If that sounds like your sort of adventure, you need only pay the entry fee of $3 – a 90% discount on the usual price tag. Is that worth it? You’ll have to make your own mind up, though it’s for good reason that fans of the series still consider the third entry to be one of, if not the best it has to offer, despite the fact that Ubisoft has released numerous sequels since.

Mando’s performance as the mentally unhinged Vaas, in particular, is often lauded as one of Far Cry 3‘s strong points, so much so that the character often charts high in ‘Greatest Video Game Villains of All-Time’ lists. The store page (link below) makes no mention of how long you’ll have to take advantage of this offer though, so we’d suggest jumping on it as soon as possible.

In other Far Cry news, Ubisoft is heavily expected to reveal the series’ sixth main installment as part of an upcoming event this weekend, with those who tune in able to score themselves a free copy of Watch Dogs 2. See here for all the details.