PlayStation 5 Finally Fixes A Big Problem With PlayStation Store

PlayStation 5

As part of its latest efforts to document the various hardware and software features of the PlayStation 5 ahead of next month’s launch, Sony has just released a new video that takes a deep dive into the latter.

While it goes without saying that the most important ingredient of a successful console are the games arriving alongside it, the user experience begins when a device is booted up for the first time. It’s here, of course, that owners will be greeted with the PS5’s user interface which, while similar to the layout popularized by the PS3, sports several key improvements that make navigating its various facilities smoother than ever before. In addition to very fast loading times and the ability to near-seamlessly switch between games without any downtime, one relatively small but key change that Sony is scoring major brownie points over pertains to the PlayStation Store.

Up until now, the platform’s digital storefront has been preloaded on every online-capable PlayStation console, not as an integrated feature, but an app. Due to that implementation, users have often complained about the sluggish nature of accessing the store and, beyond that, browsing the expansive library housed within. Thankfully, that all changes with the PS5’s arrival.

As explained by Sony’s Sid Shuman, the company’s next-gen offering will have a fully integrated PS Store, making it instantly accessible and eliminating all latency in the process. A fantastic adjustment, no doubt, though it’s worth noting that this streamlining will have no bearing on download speeds. Those will still be dictated by each individual shopper’s internet.

Welcome news, nonetheless, and we can’t wait to put the PlayStation 5 through its paces ourselves when it arrives on November 12th. If you’ve yet to decide which games to buy on launch day, see here for the full line-up.