PlayStation 5 Patent Leak May Have Revealed A Big New Feature

PlayStation 5

We know that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are going to be a major step-up in terms of sheer processing power, but what exclusive new features – if any – are Sony and Microsoft respectively intending to flaunt as a means of winning over those still undecided on which console to buy? In truth, we’ve heard little to that effect so far, though a patent recently filed by Sony may have let one such secret out of the bag.

The application, discovered on Japanese site J-Plat Pat (H/T, ComicBook) appears to describe a novel technology that’ll allow PS5 owners to not only create their own demos, but share them with friends as well as presumably others around the world via online functionality.

In terms of possible applications, the feature could be intended as an expansion to the PlayStation 4’s existing Share button, which allows users to capture recent footage and review it at a later date.

How exactly this potential would differ remains to be seen, though it’s not a stretch to suggest that Sony could be intending to provide additional tools that facilitate the creation of miniature guides meant to help others finally surmount a seemingly impossible boss fight or puzzle. Another alternative, on the other hand, is that this is simply an experimental patent. Not every idea is always acted upon, after all, so who knows if the PS4’s successor will actually have any sort of functionality when it hits retail.

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