PlayStation 5 Price And Pre-Order Dates Seemingly Leaked By Retailer

PlayStation 5

With just hours to go until Sony hosts what’s likely to be its final PlayStation 5 showcase event ahead of the console’s launch later this year, it appears as if one of the company’s biggest announcements may have leaked early. According to information provided to French games website by unnamed sources (H/T, VG247), retailers will supposedly be free to take pre-orders for the next-gen console and its disc-less counterpart starting from September 17th.

Perhaps even more interesting than that, however, is the claim that standard PS5s will go on sale for the recommended retail price of €499 which, as of writing, currently translates to approximately $590 USD. In contrast, the aforementioned disc-less variant will be available for €100 less. If the leaks are accurate, it means the core PlayStation 5 will be considerably more expensive than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which has been confirmed to launch in November for $499. also states that, in addition to the above, first-party exclusive games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls and Sackboy Adventures will be open for pre-order tomorrow, suggesting that all three will, in fact, be launch titles.

It goes without saying, of course, that everything touched upon here should be taken with a hearty pinch of salt and, with any luck, fans will finally have all the necessary information required to make an informed purchase later today. Speaking of which, we’ll be covering the entire event live, so be sure to check back later today for everything you need to know about PlayStation 5 or, while you wait, head this way for a first look at Insomniac’s Miles Morales running in glorious native 4K.