The Last Of Us PlayStation 5 Remake Reportedly In The Works

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

Sony is said to have greenlit a remake of acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last of Us as part of a wider report detailing the company’s arguably unsustainable approach to first-party games development.

According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, a group of around 30 developers recruited by Visual Arts Service Group founder Michael Mumbauer in 2007 had started working on a reimagining of Joel and Ellie’s tale of survival some time ago. The project’s aim, besides giving Naughty Dog’s original some added bells and whistles (including next-gen visuals), was to release on PlayStation 5 and showcase the console’s power but it was hampered by several hurdles, including what Schreier describes as Sony’s obsession with blockbuster experiences.

The Japanese tech giant is said to have never fully recognized the existence of Mumbauer’s team and declined to give it the funding required to make something as high profile as a The Last of Us remake demanded.

Wary of taking any risks and preferring to have its golden goose assume control of the concept, Naughty Dog would ultimately be drafted in to handle the recreation of its own masterpiece, essentially leaving Mumbauer and his colleagues out of a job and the team in shambles.

Not exactly an ideal outcome, then, but the original proposal put forward by Visual Arts continues, only now as one largely controlled (and funded) by the aforementioned Uncharted creator. How much of an impact this internal shift will have on the final product remains to be seen and hopefully, there won’t be much longer to wait now that the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak, for an official announcement.

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