PlayStation 5 Reportedly Getting New Metal Gear Solid And Silent Hill Exclusives

Silent Hill

Sony could be partnering with Konami to revive not one, but two beloved gaming franchises.

As previous rumors have suggested, one of these projects is related to the latter’s Silent Hill series, which has been said to be making its long awaited return in the near future as a PlayStation 5 exclusive title. Various members of the survival horror’s original development team are speculated to be involved in some capacity, while other ‘leaks’ even go as far as suggesting that Hideo Kojima, who parted ways with his former employer several years ago following a much publicized falling out, could have a hand in the unconfirmed title’s development.

Truth be told, absolutely no hard evidence to support any of the above exists – at least not in the public domain – so we’ll continue to suggest caution in believing what you read whenever the topic comes up, especially so now, given these latest claims.

According to somewhat reliable industry insider Moore’s Law Is Dead, Konami isn’t just in the midst of hashing out plans for a new Silent Hill title, but Metal Gear Solid, too. Without sources or any other information to go on, the YouTuber’s comments should, at this point in time, be filed unquestionably under dubious, though they’re certainly not outside the realm of possibility by any means.

It’s worth noting, after all, that Konami and Sony have traditionally held a good working relationship, with Solid Snake having been, prior to the release of 2015’s The Phantom Pain, a largely PlayStation-only IP. Moore’s Law certainly believes a return to that scenario is inevitable, but we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires in the months ahead.

As for Silent Hill, current word on the street suggests the reboot could be on course to get an official announcement at next month’s Game Awards, hosted by Geoff Keighley. Watch this space for more.