PlayStation Plus Members Get Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Free Today

When the PlayStation Store updates later today PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition free of charge, and take advantage of several other heavily discounted games.

Situated chronologically between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6, RE5 holds the distinction of being not as good as the former and not anywhere near as horrible as the latter. Being the Gold Edition of the game, this means that PlayStation Plus members will also be able to play though the 2 extra DLC episodes, one of which is actually enjoyable for old school survival horror fans.

If Resident Evil 5 is not your style, or if you have already played it, PlayStation Plus subscribers also have the option to pick up several other attractively discounted titles, including; Portal 2 ($13.99 – 30% off), Portal 2 In Motion ($6.99 – 30% off), Vikings Attack ($6.99 – 30% off), and Absolute Supercars ($7.99 – 20% off).

Out of the bunch I’d say that $13.99 is more than a fantastic price for Portal 2, so make sure to grab it while the sale lasts.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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