PlayStation Plus Update: Resident Evil Chronicles HD Free & Pre-Order Discounts

playstation plus resident evil chronicles kickbeat

As revealed during the PlayStation Plus September preview, Capcom’s Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection will be added to subscribers’ free Instant Game Collection when the PS Store updates later today. If on-rails zombie shooters are not your style, Sony has also announced a couple of pre-order discounts and game sales for Plus members.

Heading up the short list of pre-order discounts is Puppeteer (PS Plus Price: $35.99, Regular Price: $39.99), which launches as a Day 1 Digital on September 10th. The second pre-order discount covers F1 2013 (PS Plus Price: $53.99, Regular Price: $59.99) and F1 2013 Classic (PS Plus Price: $67.49, Regular Price: $74.99).

This week’s PlayStation Plus update also marks the third PS Vita Summer Select sale — which has been providing Plus members with a 20% discount on indie Vita games during their launch week. This week’s offering is Zen Studios’ rhythm action title, KickBeat (PS Plus Price: $7.99, Regular Price: $9.99). The game is also part of the Cross-Buy promotion, meaning the PS3 version is included in the purchase price.

Finally, Sony is also marking down Zombie Driver HD (PS3 — PS Plus Price: $3.99, Regular Price: $9.99) and Retro City Rampage (Cross-Buy Vita/PS3 — PS Plus Price: $8.99, Regular Price: $14.99).

Let us know your thoughts on today’s PlayStation Plus update in the comments below, and we will let you know as soon as Sony reveals next week’s addition to the Instant Game Collection.