New PlayStation Sale Offers Discounts On A Ton Of Sequels And Prequels

Star Wars Battlefront II

The latest sale to go live on PlayStation comes with a neat twist that’s sure to delight.

Available now and scheduled to end later this month, March 24th, Sony has slashed prices on a ton of AAA titles, with a particular emphasis being placed on sequels and prequels. An unconventional angle to take, for sure, but there are some excellent bargains in here perfect for those who perhaps enjoyed the first few installments in, say, Ubisoft’s long-running Assassin’s Creed franchise and are unable or unwilling to keep up with frequent follow-ups. Some of these, such as 2017’s Origins, are a whopping 80% lower than their usual price tags, so even if you already have a sizable backlog, it’s definitely worth taking a look to see what jumps out at you. Anything you purchase can be reserved for the inevitable summer drought, after all.

Other big name series present include Gearbox Software’s Borderlands, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront and the entire BioShock trilogy.

If none of the above floats your boat, so to speak, there are plenty of other options, too, both in the form of indie-focused adventures as well as several DLC bundles. Season passes for Far Cry and PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn have received similar discounts, though first-party exclusives are generally completely absent from this sale. Regardless, there’s almost certainly something here for everyone, so be sure to have a look around via the link below.

In related news, PlayStation Plus subscribers can currently download a total of four free games this month, including Square Enix’s acclaimed Final Fantasy VII Remake and surreal puzzler Maquette. See here for everything you need to know.