PlayStation Plus Free Games For March Now Available, But With A Catch

final fantasy vii remake

One of the best PlayStation Plus lineups to date is currently available for all members of the subscription service to take advantage of, but there’s a caveat definitely worth making note of for folks who are only interested in picking up Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake.

For those not aware, Sony confirmed during its first State of Play of 2021 last week that the reimagined JRPG will soon be getting an upgrade on PlayStation 5. Showcasing improved visual fidelity, framerate, lighting and loading times, this iteration of Cloud Strife’s story will assuredly be the definitive edition (until it inevitably arrives on Steam, at the very least) and serves as the perfect excuse for replays, especially as the latter will also come with next-gen exclusive DLC featuring fan-favorite character Yuffie.

All fantastic news, no doubt, though anyone intending to upgrade when the time comes will need to pay for the right to do so if they only own the free version currently available via PS Plus. It’s worth noting, however, that those who previously purchased FF7R on PS4 (digital and physical copies) will be eligible to trade up, so to speak, for no additional cost.

This mimics the largely industry-standard process of ensuring consumers don’t have to pay for the same product multiple times and is the same reason why fans who are currently exploring the streets of Midgar without paying a penny are being excluded. A disappointing outcome, perhaps, but one that we certainly wouldn’t describe as anything but fair.

If at any time you decide to fork over the RRP for what’s undoubtedly one of the best video games of the last console generation, you’ll qualify, like everyone else, for a free PS5 version come April 10th. Yuffie’s standalone story, on the other hand, will require individual purchase regardless.

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