PlayStation Store Launches Heavy Discounts For Entire Resident Evil Series


With Resident Evil 2 but a few months old, it goes without saying that Capcom is likely taking something of a break from all things undead. The developer’s efforts in retelling Leon and Claire’s frantic escape from Raccoon City has quite rightly been received with critical acclaim, so the vacation is well deserved, to say the least. With that said, whispers pertaining to another potential remake are already doing the rounds online and while they’re far from unconfirmed, it seems like one of the most logical next steps for Capcom to take.

The other, of course, is a follow-up to Resident Evil 7. 2017’s experimental jump to first-person survival horror ultimately paid off for the studio and made amends for the unfortunate misstep that was Resident Evil 6. Multiple avenues are ripe for exploring going forward, then, but regardless of what’s next, fans are facing a sizable waiting period before either becomes a reality. Thankfully, though, Sony is on-hand to fill the void with some classic zombie-killing entertainment.

Right now, PlayStation 4 owners are privy to discounts on the entire series back catalogue from the very first entry all the way up to the Resident Evil 2 remake. Depending on which one takes your fancy, the price cuts reach as high as 50%, though the figure obviously lessons for more recent releases. You can hit the link at the bottom of this article to browse the entirety of Sony’s sale.

Modern or classic? Zombies or molded? Main entry or spinoff? Whatever it is that takes your fancy, the above has you covered, though for what it’s worth, our recommendation for VR owners would be Resident Evil 7. Those yet to encounter the Baker family in glorious virtual reality owe it to themselves to see what all the fuss is about. Sadly, Resident Evil 3 is the one glaring omission here, but given Capcom’s own openness to the idea of giving Jill’s nightmare encounter with Nemesis its own facelift, the absence might not be for long. Stay tuned.