Did Capcom Just Tease The Resident Evil 3 Remake?


Hot on the heels of both Devil May Cry 5 and the remake of Resident Evil 2, Capcom is currently seeing something of a renaissance at the moment. In light of both games’ near-universal critical acclaim, the company’s CEO recently took to social media to notify fans that “Capcom is back,” and honestly, it’s hard not to agree.

But after two back-to-back smash hits, where does the developer plan to go next? Well, there are currently a few options in front of them, but according to recent rumors doing the rounds on the web, as well as Capcom’s own apparent openness to the idea, a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis could be on the cards.

Granted, the company has yet to officially confirm such a thing, but they took to Twitter earlier today with a rather cryptic tease which some are interpreting as a hint that such a project is indeed in the works. Seen below, they shared a photo from the Resident Evil 2 remake along with a caption asking fans what they think happened to the wall.

Given that a lot of the events in Resident Evil 3 occurred before Resident Evil 2, and that the threequel’s big bad Nemesis has a thing for punching through walls, the message perhaps isn’t so subtle. Whether it’s an outright tease of a forthcoming announcement or just Capcom messing with us, though, we can’t say, but you can certainly color us intrigued.

For those not familiar with the hugely successful survival horror title, Resident Evil 3 takes place in the same location and at around the same time as the second game. The main protagonist is Jill Valentine, one of the original Resident Evil characters and as mentioned above, it features the iconic Nemesis, a hulking creature who packs a rocket launcher and is almost unkillable. Like Mr. X., he stalks the player across the map and to avoid him, you’d either have to expend a lot of ammo to temporarily bring him down or just run in terror.

Again, there’s no confirmation yet that Capcom’s teasing some kind of Resident Evil 3 announcement here, but their Tweet has certainly got people talking and should we learn of anything more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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