Please Stand By: Bethesda Launches Fallout 4 Teaser Site Ahead Of E3

Fallout 4

After years of speculation and passionate fan debate, Bethesda appears to be on the verge of unveiling long-awaited sequel, Fallout 4.

Taking to Twitter, the esteemed publisher launched a teaser site sporting the post-apocalyptic, ‘Please Stand By’ iconography that has since become synonymous with the beloved series, which includes an exciting countdown timer hinting that something – anything – is going to be unveiled in less than 24 hours.

Here’s the Tweet in question:

The very moment that Bethesda announced plans to host its own press conference on June 14, the Internet at large began to join the dots and dream of a Fallout 4 announcement. Granted, the publisher has a hoard of other titles waiting in the wings, including the anticipated Doom reboot and the all-but-confirmed Dishonoured 2, but the open-world sequel is far and away the headlining act.

Since the rumor mill ached into motion all of those years ago, reports have suggested that Fallout 4 would be situated in a decimated Boston, with casting documents and other leaked production materials linking the next installment to the Massachusetts capital. Will these tidbits prove to be accurate? All will seemingly be revealed in less than 24 hours.

Check back with We Got This Covered tomorrow, June 3, when we’ll have full coverage of this supposed Fallout 4 unveiling, which will in all likelihood be a teaser trailer of some sort ahead of the main event in two weeks’ time. Until then, please stand by.

Source: Bethesda