Pokemon Go Data Miners Dig Up New Gen 2 Pokemon And Evolution Items


The latest patch for Pokemon Go arrived earlier this week and, like clockwork, the folks over at Silph Road (via VG247) have already dived into the mobile game’s updated code to see if there’s any content hidden among its files. Unsurprisingly, Niantic has once again neglected to hide such things from plain sight, with a wealth of new code having been uncovered that seemingly pertains to the developer’s future plans. Chief among the new discoveries are assets pertaining to new Pokemon forms or, more specifically, for the mysterious Gen 2 critter Unown, which takes on a different shape for every letter of the alphabet.

What’s more, several items used to induce special evolutions in the main series games were also discovered, hinting that support for different methods of evolution – besides stuffing your Pokemons’ faces full of candy – could well be on the way. With any luck, expansions to the currently barebones battle system could be in, too, with Silph Road noting the inclusion of over 35 new moves – the first time such things have been added to the client since launch. Perhaps most interestingly of all, though, is the mention of tweaks being made to Gym radius rings. Could Niantic be gearing up to make battles more accessible than they are currently?

As was the case with the leaked Gen 2 Pokedex uncovered last year from the very same source, fans still catching ‘Mons while out on their daily travels can probably expect most, if not all, of the above to arrive in some form or fashion over the coming weeks or months, but be aware that nothing is confirmed until Niantic itself says so. Ironically, the patch does little more than introduce added functionality for Apple Watch and various other “minor fixes.”

Interest for Pokemon Go has seemingly petered out in recent months, but that doesn’t appear to have deterred Niantic. If you’re still logging in on a regular basis, let us know what keeps you coming back for more in the comments below.