Pokemon Go Data Miners Discover Generation 2 Pokemon And The Elusive Ditto


Pokemon Go developer Niantic may have just inadvertently let slip its future plans for the mobile game.

As of a new update released today, data miners over on fan site The Silph Road have begun poring through the game’s APK (Android Application Package) files in the hopes of digging up some juicy new information and by the looks of it, they’ve struck gold.

According to the site, data for over 100 new Pokemon has been discovered within the newly-updated code, directly referencing the entirety of Generation 2’s Pokedex. Starting with entry #152 (Chikorita) and ending with #251 (mythical Pokemon Celebi), each and every creature introduced with Pokemon Gold and Silver appears in the code, including legendary birds Ho-Oh and Lugia.

As of now, moveset data hasn’t been included with the update according to Silph Road, with a client-side update required before they can start appearing in-game. Whether or not Niantic will actually make any of Generation 2 available remains to be seen, but we can’t imagine the studio would go through all of the effort to add assets for them if not.

Besides the above, one other interesting morsel of code was discovered. A new move – Transform – was discovered, an ability that seasoned Pokemon fans will recognize as one exclusive to amorphous blob Ditto (and Mew) who, until now, was absent from the AR title.

Niantic has yet to comment on the leaks, but we’ll keep you posted as and when they do. In the meantime, Trainers can now enjoy bonus rewards for logging in to Pokemon Go on a daily and weekly basis.