Pokemon Go Players Can Now Find And Catch Ditto, But You’ll Need To See Through Its Disguise First


Pokemon Go players rejoice, forlovable pink blob Ditto is finally available to find and catch in-game, putting an end to months of speculation as to its whereabouts and availability. Along with the mythical Pokemon Mew and Mewtwo, as well as the legendary birds Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos, Ditto has been notably missing from many a player’s collection, leading to the belief that Niantic had simply not released the transforming mass of jelly.

As it turns out, those suspicions were true, and it only emerged just recently by way of data miners that files for the critter had been slyly introduced with an unrelated patch. As VG247 reports, the #pokemongo and #ditto hashtags are currently flooded with players sharing their newfound discoveries, which also reveal a unique means of finding it.


In contrast to the entirety of the game’s current catalogue of creatures, nabbing yourself a Ditto isn’t as straightforward as finding it on your daily travels. True to its nature, it can take on the form of other Pokemon out in the wild, meaning that unassuming Weedle sitting at your feet could well be a Ditto in disguise.

Kudos to Niantic, as they’ve given long-term players a new reason to bother catching their millionth Drowzee and Pidgey. It’s not clear what the likelihood is of a catch becoming a Ditto or whether every single Pokemon is included, but we suspect Niantic or, failing that, data miners, will be along shortly with more details.

For the lapsed players out there, Niantic is currently holding a double XP and Stardust event for Pokemon Go, so if you’ve still got some empty slots to fill in your Pokedex, now’s the time to do it. Be quick though, the promotion ends on November 30. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a little more meat on your bones in terms of longevity, last week saw the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon. You’d be best to give it a go – everyone else seems to be.