Pokemon Go’s Valentine’s Event Goes Live Today, Includes Double Candy, Boosted Encounter Rates

If you find yourself still habitually logging into Pokemon Go on a regular basis in order to fill out the rest of your Pokedex or just to pass the time on the commute to and from work, you might notice that something’s different upon booting the game up on your phone today. From February 8 to 15, developer Niantic is holding a Valentine’s event for the mobile title, which brings with it a generous dose of double Candy rewards and boosted encounter rates for some of the rarer ‘Mons making their home in the augmented reality world.

Chansey, Clefable and “many other adorable pink Pokemon” will appear much more frequently for the duration of the event, mimicking the same sort of promotion Niantic held last year as part of its Halloween celebrations. But don’t neglect to work on hatching your backlog of eggs during the occasion either, as Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum will all be more likely to emerge from their cracked shells throughout the month of February. Other bonuses include an increase to how long Lure Modules will stay active as well as Buddy Pokemon finding Candy at double the usual rate.

Following its huge explosion in popularity last year following release, interest in Pokemon Go has seemingly dropped off a cliff since, leaving many to consider it a fad that has long-since passed. While that may be at least somewhat true, even a large reduction in its player base would still leave Pokemon Go with plenty of customers coming back for more, especially considering how many people downloaded it.

It’s nice to see Niantic still continuing to support Pokemon Go several months after launch, but with a trade or proper battle feature still noticeably absent, there’s no telling how much of a lifespan it still has without such frequently requested systems.

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Source: Niantic