Pokemon Go Has Already Made An Estimated $14 Million, Reports Digital Analyst


Augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go, despite having only released last week, has already generated over $14 million in revenue, digital analyst website SuperData reports. Developed by Niantic for iOS and Android, Pokemon Go encourages players to explore their real world surroundings in order to catch critters using their phone’s camera and then train or battle them with the ultimate goal of becoming a Pokemon Master.

The statement reads:

Early estimates indicate that Pokémon GO! has so far managed to generate $14.04 million across mobile platforms since its release, putting it ahead of other titles using the franchise, including Pokémon Shuffle Mobile which has earned an estimated $14.03 million since its release in August, 2015.

If you’re at all surprised at the huge amount of success Pokemon Go is experiencing, you really shouldn’t be. The combination of a global brand recognized by multiple generations and its association with the Nintendo name ensured the game’s success before it even released, so says the report.

Pokémon GO! doing so well initially should not be a surprise. It is one of the most enduring and widely popular game franchises in the world. It has produced no fewer than 18 full feature films, a cartoon series, trading card games, and a slew of swag. More so, even though Pokémon is operated independently, it is part of the Nintendo empire, which saw a similar consumer response with Miitomi. It is hard to underestimate the strength of this Japanese giant and its assets, even if contenders have emerged in the last few years.

Staggeringly, these numbers aren’t even taking into account the potential revenue Pokemon Go will generate when it’s made available globally. Various territories in Europe, including the UK and Netherlands, are still waiting for killer app to show up on their chosen system. Niantic said yesterday that the delay was caused by an unexpected server load, but hopes to have it out within the next few days at the latest.

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