Pokemon Snap Heads To Wii U Virtual Console Later This Week


Beloved Nintendo 64 classic Pokemon Snap comes to Wii U Virtual Console later this week, Nintendo has announced via Twitter. The on-rails ‘shooter,’ released in 1999 and one of the very first 3D Pokemon titles, puts players in the role of Todd Snap, a photographer who’s been sent by Professor Oak to a remote island to take some high quality snaps of the creatures that reside there.

Just seven stages were included with the spinoff title, but a steady stream of item upgrades from your employer encouraged repeated trips through previously visited vistas to reveal hidden paths and additional Pokemon. Your performance after each trip was graded on picture quality, the size of your subject and whether you caught them striking a ‘special pose.’

Considering the current surge in popularity the franchise is enjoying thanks to Pokemon Go, it’s likely that Nintendo has decided to re-release past titles in an attempt to capitalize on the Pocket Monster renaissance. Could we be seeing Pokemon Coliseum and Stadium coming to Virtual Console in the future? We hope so.

Nintendo has yet to confirm how much you’ll have to spend in order to download Pokemon Snap when it releases on August 18, but we can’t imagine it’ll be too expensive.