Pokemon Sun And Moon’s First Global Event Has Started, Requires The Capture Of 100 Million Pokemon


The first global event for Pokemon Sun and Moon is now live, according to Serebii (via VG247), but you’ll need to stock up on a truckload of Pokeballs if you ever hope to see success. From now until December 12, players of the hit 3DS games will need to collectively capture 1,000,000 Pokemon in order to complete the ambitious task. True to their name, however, global events are participated in by the entire playerbase, so whether you live in Japan or North America, every last Pokemon successfully captured contributes to the overall total.

Assuming the goal is met before the deadline, all participants will be awarded with 2,000 Festival Coins, a new currency introduced with Sun and Moon that can be spent on playing the various attractions scattered around the Festival Plaza. Various rare items and training facilities can also be awarded, with the Plaza itself serving as a multiplayer hub for battling and trading. In order to take part in the event, you’ll need to visit the Festival Plaza’s desk attendant and be connected to Global Link services.

Even if, come December 12, the global tally hasn’t surpassed the required one million mark, don’t fret – you’ll be gifted 100 Festival Coins as a consolation prize, so there’s exactly zero reason not to at least take part. With that said, we’ll be surprised if the goal isn’t met. Besides being the most pre-ordered games in Nintendo’s history, they’re also the fastest-selling in the UK, with combined sales of both versions having easily topped the charts.

We Got This Covered’s Jowi Meli gave Pokemon Sun and Moon four and a half stars in his review, calling them the “freshest new iterations of the series in a long time. They’re not complete reinventions, but they do finally fix a number of problems that have plagued the franchise since its inception.” But what do you think? Give us your initial impressions in the comments below.