Pokemon Sun And Moon Continue To Break Records; Nintendo’s Fastest-Selling Games Ever In The UK

Judging by the latest figures released by chart-tracking website GfK, Pokemon Sun and Moon are officially Nintendo’s fastest-selling game launch ever in the UK, beating out the likes of 2008’s hugely-popular Wii Fit and previous Pokemon games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. In fact, as GamesIndustry reports, the two titles’ combined sales have outpaced the initial sales of any Wii, 3DS or DS game released to date, having pushed double the number of units that the aforementioned Ruby and Sapphire remakes did.

Despite the resounding success, both games currently sit at No.3 (Sun) and No.4 (Moon) in the charts respectively, having been beaten out by FIFA 17 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in the race for No.1. Don’t be particularly surprised by the ranking though, as combined sales of Sun and Moon would easily elevate it to the top spot.

Ultimately, nobody is going to see the above result and respond with a gasp. Combined with the news prior to release that Pokemon Sun and Moon were the most pre-ordered games in Nintendo’s history, the huge popularity of Niantic’s Pokemon Go has ensured that Pokefever is at an all-time high.

The sky’s the limit for the franchise going forward, then, but what new frontiers will The Pokemon Company and Nintendo explore next? If Eurogamer‘s sources are to be believed, then we could well be seeing Pokemon Sun and Moon come to Nintendo Switch under the name of Pokemon Stars. In terms of new software, assuming the current trend continues, you can probably expect the next duo of Pokemon games to be remakes of the DS’ Diamond and Pearl. 

For now though, Trainers have plenty of content to digest with Sun and Moon. Like the rest of the world, we thought they were fantastic.