More Pokemon Sun And Moon Details To Be Revealed August 1


Ready yourselves, Pokefans – even more details for Pokemon Sun and Moon are headed your way in early August. As reported by Siliconera, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that on August 1 at 6:00am PT/2:00pm BST/2:00pm BST, they’ll have more to share for the two 3DS titles, but what exactly they’ll be showing, we’re not sure.

While the reveal could well be intending to lift the curtain on more brand new Pocket Monsters, don’t be surprised if not a single one is seen; we’ve already been treated to a sizeable Pokedex update earlier this week, which uncovered the likes of Wimpod, Mimikyu, Mudsdale, Comfey, Bewear and Bounsweet (some of which can be seen in the image above) for the first time.

Of course, our speculation could be completely wrong and the above could be exactly what the developers have in store for fans, but how about some more gameplay showcasing the beauty of the Alola region, or even better – a yes or no answer in regards to whether Mega Evolution will return from the Generation 7 games.

Whatever the case, we’ll cover the update as it develops in just over a week. That is, of course, assuming that there’s anyone left to care about Pokemon Sun and Moon, what with Pokemon Go having just completed its goal of world domination by officially launching in Japan.