Pokemon Sun And Moon Gets A Pokedex Update; Five New Pokemon Revealed


You’d be forgiven for forgetting that it exists, what with the current Pokemon Go craze sweeping the globe, but Pokemon Sun and Moon are still very much a key member of Nintendo’s (perhaps even more so now), 2016 games line-up, and they don’t want you to forget it. And what better way to fuel the hype than to officially reveal five brand new Pocket Monsters that’ll be populating that tall grass when you go exploring this November?

To see what the all-new critters look like, you can watch the video above. For each one’s type and special abilities, see the descriptions below:

Type: Grass
Fruit Pokemon Bounsweet gives off a delicious aroma. This aroma has a calming effect on humans, so many people across Alola let them live inside their homes as an air freshener.

Type: Fairy
Comfey, the Posy Picker Pokemon, picks flowers to carry around. Comfey uses its soothing aroma to help treat people and Pokemon at Pokemon Centers and hospitals.

Type: Ground
Mudsdale is the Draft Horse Pokemon, possessing incredible power and endurance. Its legs are coated in protective mud, and its kick can destroy a car in a single blow. Mudsdale can have the Ability Stamina, a new Ability which raises a Pokemon’s Defense by one when it’s hit by an attack.

Type: Normal/Fighting
Bewear is the Strong Arm Pokemon that must never be approached carelessly. With its stout and highly developed arms and legs, Bewear loves to give crushing bear hugs which will split anything in two.

Type: Ghost/Fairy
As the Disguise Pokemon, Mimikyu lives its life constantly covered by its cloth. Mimikyu’s Disguise Ability allows it to escape danger from an enemy’s attack one time, changing its appearance afterward.

If the two latter entries on that list sound familiar, it’s probably because they were revealed last week by Japanese gaming mag CoroCoro. The names you see above are the official English-language translations, but other than that change, they’re the same deal.

Still intend to pick up Pokemon Sun and Moon when they release for 3DS later this year, or have you already sold your soul to Niantic’s mobile game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Serebii.net

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