5 Insane Pokémon Go Stories That You Won’t Believe


Pokémon Go has been out for little more than a week, but it has already reignited a craze that we haven’t seen in twenty years.

You might have heard about it already, but for those who haven’t, the augmented reality game uses GPS tracking and overlays gameplay onto your surroundings, turning your neighborhood into a digital ecosystem and you into a Pokémon trainer. The game has had much more appeal than even developer Niantic could have ever expected, sending droves of people into the streets, forests and streams looking for their very own super powered animals to collect, raise and battle.


With so many people out and about, it’s no wonder there’s been so much talk about Pokémon Go, and since this world of ours is a little crazy, most of the stories have been a bit insane, too. Some have been hoaxes, some may still prove to be, but there’s still plenty of weird tales out there.

Criminals, drones, cheating boyfriends; there are a lot of hurdles on the road to becoming the very best…like no one ever was. So, without further ado, here are the five craziest stories so far.