Pokémon Go Further Hints At Team Rocket Event With New Teaser

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go developer Niantic sure does love its teasers.

For what feels like an age now, the studio has been steadily ramping up hype for what appears to be the mobile title’s next big update. By now, you’ve no doubt had your own fair share of run-ins with Team Rocket in-game but at some point in the indeterminate future (likely soon, given the increased frequency of cryptic hints), the villainous team’s nefarious leaders will take on Trainers across the globe in Pokémon battle.

But first, you’ll have to find them. At least, that’s what all the information obtained from both leaks and official sources has led us to believe. According to Pokémon Go‘s Professor Willow, Rocket Grunts encountered at commandeered PokéStops will soon start dropping Mysterious Components. These items, when combined in some way, will create what the brainy scientist has dubbed the Rocket Radar.

Check it out below:

How exactly this glorified compass will work remains to be seen, though recent datamining efforts imply that, when constructed, the device will ultimately lead players to Team Rocket’s hideout and, if they’re lucky, a potential encounter with none other than Giovanni himself. The iconic character has been teased to make an appearance ever since his underlings started appearing in-game back in the summer and now would surely be the perfect time for the career criminal to show his face.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how events unfold over the coming days but for now, Trainers will want to keep their wits about them whenever they stumble upon a so-called RocketStop. Those unfamiliar with how Pokémon Go‘s latest update works or, for that matter, what to do with the corrupted Shadow Pokémon left behind whenever a Rocket Grunt is defeated can find a handy walkthrough over here.

Happy hunting!