Pokémon Go Dev Teasing Update To Team Rocket-Controlled PokéStops


Team Rocket refuses to give up on its invasion of Pokémon Go, it seems.

First introduced earlier this year, the villainous team wasted no time in its quest for world domination, having immediately set about commandeering PokéStops around the world. Instead of rationing out lucrative items like Poké Balls and potions as the standard blue-hued outposts do, those overtaken by Rocket grunts take on a more sinister grey/black color, each of which is guarded by one of the group’s foot soldiers.

Currently, defeating the Grunt will cause them to flee and leave behind a powerful Shadow Pokémon for victorious players to catch, though new developments appear to suggest that changes are on the way. As per a ‘warning’ provided to fans over on social media, Professor Willow has discovered that Grunts have started leaving behind some mysterious technology upon vacating the premises.

Check it out below:

What are you looking at, exactly? Currently, we’ve no idea, though many fans believe the smartphone-shaped devices are a teaser for an upcoming update. “Willow reports he’s discovered strange objects Team GO Rocket Grunts drop upon defeat in battle,” reads the image description, adding that Trainers should “stay tuned” for further updates. If the news post link provided is any indication, however, obtaining these tablets will be key to helping players ascertain the whereabouts of Team Rocket’s hideout.

Taking into account previous teasers – which revealed the group’s three leaders – the ultimate outcome is looking increasingly likely to involve a face-off against some powerful opponents. We’ll keep you posted as and when further developments arise.

In related news, Niantic confirmed earlier today that it plans to introduce online multiplayer battles into Pokémon Go early next year. See here for all the details.