New Pokémon Sword And Shield Details To Be Revealed Tomorrow

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Strap in, Pokémon fans, for brand new info concerning this year’s most anticipated Switch games are inbound. Announced earlier today via Twitter, Nintendo confirmed that it will be holding a Direct Presentation tomorrow, September 4th, packed with further details concerning its 2019 line-up, including none other than Sword and Shield. How much of the briefing will be dedicated to the Generation 8 games remains to be seen, though the Big N is promising around 40 minutes of total air time.

So, what can Pokéfans expect to discover during tomorrow’s show? Tough to say. The Galar region is clearly packed with all sorts of secrets waiting to be unravelled, though at the very least I expect to see a handful of never-before-seen Pokémon forms showcased. There’s every chance, too, that Game Freak will have more to share in regards to Galarian Pokémon. So far, just three of these special regional variants (Weezing, Zigzagoon and Linoone) have been revealed, with many more undoubtedly waiting in the wings.

Failing that, Game Freak could be taking this as an opportunity to further divulge the inner workings of Sword and Shield‘s Dynamax (and Gigantamax) features and how Trainers can expect to engage with the system not just in Gym battles but Raids, too. The latter in particular, which will be found only in the Wild Area, represents a fascinating new attempt at promoting online play with others around the world and many are eager to learn more.

Another alternative, of course, is the reveal of yet another brand new gameplay element. Given how much content Game Freak has already crammed into the two titles, I’d be surprised to see it add yet another layer on top, though who can honestly say at this point? Whatever the case, we’ll be taking front row seats when the show kicks off tomorrow so be sure to check back for our breakdown of all the highlights.