Pokémon Sword And Shield Evolution Chains Leaked

Pokémon sword and shield

The latest in a long line of Pokémon Sword and Shield leaks have come from the unlikeliest of sources. As part of a new initiative encouraging exploration of the Switch games’ new Dynamax feature, The Pokémon Company recently created a website that allows users to upload images of any Pokémon from their phone. Though the site is currently only available in Japanese, fans the world over have wasted no time in testing the app’s limits and have made a raft of interesting discoveries as a result.

Besides indirectly confirming more Pokémon like Sableye and Aegislash from previous Generations for the Galar region, data miners have engaged in their own unique form of ‘research’ and returned with some delightful goodies. As per Twitter user Abcboy101’s own deep dive into the website’s barebones code, they claim to have found what’s likely to be codenames for every Galar exclusive so far officially revealed.

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about that, of course, as we already know of each ‘Mon’s existence, but pay close attention to the numbers adorning each entry.

The leak speculates that each digit corresponds to its respective Pokémon’s position in an evolution line. If true, the file names have inadvertently revealed the existence of several as-yet unconfirmed creatures. Corviknight’s ‘Gcommodori3’ codename, for example, has a 3 at its end, suggesting that it’s the final stage in a three-part evolution and likely the regional bird of Galar. Likewise, the recently revealed Polteageist is labelled as ‘Teacup2’ hinting at a pre-evolution that replaces the miniature spirit’s teapot with different crockery.

As interesting discovery, to say the least, but as always, Pokéfans, take what you see here with a pinch of salt. Nothing is official until Game Freak says otherwise, no matter how convincing the evidence may be.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out November 15th for Nintendo Switch.