Pokémon Sword And Shield’s Final Starter Evolutions Have Leaked And Fans Aren’t Happy

Pokémon Sword And Shield

In what’s surely become a tradition in the run-up to launch of any new core Pokémon RPG, this year’s Sword and Shield have sprung an alarming number of leaks ahead of their official release. Early copies of the Switch exclusives, which are due out in less than two weeks, have already found their way into the hands of fans and, naturally, some have immediately started recording their finds online for the world to see.

We’ve already covered a number of major reveals, including legendary Pokémon Eternatus and what could be Sword and Shield‘s final Pokédex, but the revelations don’t stop there. Oh no. Following months of fervent speculation and rumor, the final evolved forms of starters Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey have been revealed, though many onlookers dissatisfied with what they’ve seen are now hoping upon hope that the leaks are big fat fakes.

You can check each of the trio for yourselves below. Obvious spoilers ahead, of course.

As for all the negativity, it’s simple, really.

Somewhat excluding Grass-type Rillaboom, early impressions of Intelleon and Cinderace have provoked outrage among some fans, who believe they have forms that are much too humanoid in shape and appearance to be Pokémon, especially when compared with, say, Gen 1’s more animalistic starters.

I also find it ironic that this is going to be the first gen with a real over-world where Pokémon roam…. and some of them will look like humans rather than species. Also it is so freaking weird to “capture” humanoid characters that want to be football players. Just feels weird. It doesn’t feel like you are catching monsters anymore.

Look at Venusaur. Does its appearance pigeonhole it into a specific personality? No. Venusaur looks like it actually belongs to a species with millions of them. A Venusaur could be a gentle protector of the forest, an aggressive, territorial beast, or a beloved family pet that tends to the garden.

With that said, however, some have found themselves less perturbed by each design, thanks to several other leaked Pokémon being more traditionally beastlike.

Ok, I will be one of the first to admit that the starter lines this gen do look humany. Most of the Pokémon leaked look very animal/beast to me: Wooloo is a sheep, yamper is a dog, centiscorch is a centipede, snake, fox, coal godzilla, etc. I can go on.

A range of varied opinions, then, and a divide that’s sure to spur a great deal of discussion going forward. What are your early impressions of Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s starters, though? Sound off in the comments below!