Melee Assassin And Pop Star Shinbi Is Paragon’s Newest Hero, Available February 21


Epic Games continues to pile on the content for its MOBA Paragon, today announcing an additional Hero to fill out its ever-growing roster of characters. Perhaps one of the weirdest profession combinations ever, Shinbi is a famous pop star who’s also a dab hand with a sword, with Epic billing the fighter as a melee assassin easily capable of picking off targets that stray too far from the pack. Check out the, quite frankly, hilarious reveal trailer above for a first-look.

Able to conjure magical wolves to use as both a weapon and performance aid, Shinbi is quite possibly the most outlandish Hero Epic has revealed so far and a far cry from the likes of sword and board warrior Greystone. It may not be as popular as the likes of Riot Games’ League of Legends or Valve’s Dota 2 just yet, but there’s certainly a lot going for the fledgling MOBA, not least its unique and varied character design.

Anyway, without further ado, see below for a breakdown of Shinbi’s abilities.

Line Tempo

Enables Shinbi to expel a wolf projectile from her sword that goes through minions and explodes upon making contact with an enemy hero.

Rushing Beat

A versatile ability that can be used either as an escape or pursuit tool. Upon activation, Shinbi dashes forward once and, if the button is pressed again shortly after, a second dash is performed. The direction of the second dash can be changed following the first.

Circle Rhytm

An AoE attack that envelops Shinbi in a ring of spirit wolves that damages anything enough to be within its swirling mass. Aa percentage of all damage dealt during its uptime is returned as health.


Both active and passive, All-Kill! triggers all previously applied ‘Wolf Stacks’ built up on an enemy to be applied at once. A useful burst attack that can be initiated even when Shinbi is a considerable distance away from her opponent.

Paragon is currently in open beta on PlayStation 4 and PC and free-to-play. If you haven’t yet, I’d strongly recommend giving it a go, especially following last year’s Monolith Update, which improved the core gameplay dramatically. For a more in-depth explanation of Shinbi’s moveset, see the video below.