Paragon’s Monolith Update Is Now Live On PlayStation 4 And PC, Introduces Drastic Changes


Paragon‘s largest update – which introduces drastic changes to the core gameplay experience – has just gone live on PlayStation 4 and PC, Epic Games has announced.

First revealed back at last year’s PlayStation Experience, the studio has made great strides with development of the MOBA, having implemented several new characters, cosmetic options and bug fixes for those participating in its open beta. With the so-called Monolith update, however, Paragon‘s lead hero designer Cameron Winston has detailed Epic’s decision to bring Paragon‘s moment to moment gameplay more in line with fan expectation, making it a “faster, more action-oriented” experience.

In order to facilitate the new focus on action-oriented gameplay, all existing Heroes have been tweaked to make them exhibit both “faster speeds and faster kill times,” and a new, more compact map has been introduced. Epic says the new battleground is roughly 30% smaller than the current one players have grown accustomed to, although if you’re not particularly fond of the new direction, the latter map will still be available, just renamed as ‘Legacy.’

Paragon’s Monolith update, like the game itself, is free to download on either platform. See below for the major changes taking place:

  • Faster, more action-oriented gameplay, but still a MOBA.
  • New, compact map.
  • Every Hero updated.
  • Changes to armor/damage.
  • Over 100 updates to cards.
  • See all of the Monolith update in action for the first time below.

To celebrate the new changes, Epic is holding a double XP and Reputation event for all Paragon players starting now, so you won’t want to waste any time testing the waters, so to speak.