Melee Brawler Crunch Is Paragon’s Next New Hero, Releases November 15


Heavyweight bruiser Crunch is the latest addition to the roster of playable characters in Epic Games’ MOBA Paragon, the developer has announced via PlayStation Blog EU. Come November 15, Crunch will be boxing his opponents to death by way of two comically-large fists, and judging by the trailer (above), it looks like the robot has a wicked sense of humor, too.

Billed as a melee fighter with a “unique combo system,” Crunch is “capable of fluidly chaining combos together to quickly scrap his opponents,” says Steve Superville, creative director of Epic Games. Crunch’s repertoire may not look as varied or flashy as other combatants’, but for what he lacks in finesse, he more than makes up for with brute strength.

Four individual fist movements make up the brawler’s different abilities, each providing a useful tool for controlling the flow of battle. Forward Crunch is a great punishing tool for opponents that stray too close, with Right Crunch a great follow-up that slows and – when empowered – knocks enemies skyward. A passive ability unique to the hard-hitting brute will empower every third attack and change the attributes of each.

Paragon is available to play for free right now on PlayStation 4 and PC as part of the MOBA’s open beta. Epic Games has yet to announce a final release date, but we’ll let you know once they do.