Strike From The Shadows With Countess, The Latest Hero Addition For Epic Games’ Paragon


Epic Games may already be celebrating the spookiest month of the year with a special Halloween event for Paragon, but the ghoulish theme continues today by way of a brand new Hero for players to enjoy.

Available to try for free by way of the MOBA’s open beta on PC and PlayStation 4, Countess is described as a “burst caster” who excels in combat by way of her unpredictability. Coupled with various abilities that manipulate her opponents through misdirection, Countess can “quickly single out and assassinate a key target,” before promptly vanishing into thin air.

If you like what you see in the trailer above, be warned: Countess’ huge power is balanced by way of a small health pool and relatively weak defences.

You’re not completely without options if caught in a tight spot, however. Countess’ basic ability – Blade Siphon – is a small area of affect attack that restores a portion of her max health with each enemy kill, making it an essential minion-farming tool. Shadow Slip is a short distance teleport that encourages hit-and-run tactics or to give chase if enemy Heroes attempt to flee.

Rounding out the rest of the deadly assassin’s repertoire are Dark Tide and Feast. The former is another AoE ability that doubles as a distancing move to give yourself breathing room while Feast is an all-powerful weapon that stuns a chosen enemy for a follow-up burst of damage.

Epic Games has yet to provide a final date for when Paragon will leave its beta phase for a full release, but with each passing week, it’s looking more and more likely that such a day is fast approaching.