Popular Magic: The Gathering Plane Is Officially Part Of Dungeons & Dragons Universe

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons‘ upcoming marriage may end up becoming more than just a temporary crossover. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, the next Standard expansion for Wizards of the Coast’s card game, features creatures, sorceries and story beats from tabletop gaming’s most iconic brand, including a brand-new mechanic intended to mimic the experience of adventure.

We’ve covered the aptly-named Dungeon cards extensively before, but for those only just hearing of the powerful Sideboard additions, all you really need to know is – they function similarly to Sagas, only their effects must be triggered manually via the use of other synergistic cards.

While it’s a clash of worlds primarily meant to benefit Magic, however, Wizards has delivered a small but nonetheless welcome treat for D&D players in the form of a free story campaign.

Succeeding the saga’s first chapter, In Scarlet Flames, The Hidden Page continues where its predecessor left off, in the process making an interesting revelation. The party’s primary target here is Tyreus, a visitor from another world, specifically Ravnica. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it belongs to a plane of the same name in Magic: The Gathering. Tyreus, a Planeswalker, has traveled to this strange universe in search of artifacts left hidden by his grandmother Sylvene.

Whether this is just a one-off isn’t clear, though should Forgotten Realms prove to be as successful as Wizards hopes, it could well be the case that further meetings are warranted in the future. It’s worth noting, too, that more D&D chapters are still to come, so it’s worth keeping a lookout for more instances of crossover content to come.

Magic: The Gathering – Adventures in the Forgotten Realms releases July 23rd, with various pre-order options available.