How To Get A More Powerful Pistol For Free In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village‘s map rewards the curious player. While it’s possible to barrel through the entire game, you’ll have a much easier time if you slow down, pay attention to your surroundings, and sniff out those hidden caches of resources. Yesterday, we told you where you could get a free shotgun early on, and now we know how to get your hands on a better pistol than the peashooter you begin the game with.

First up, you want to head to the workshop that’s clearly marked on the map. Upon arriving at it, you’ll find an imposing gate with “Do Not Enter” written on the front and a big lock barring your way. In a nice twist, you don’t have to locate a crest or statue to open this gate, you can simply stab the lock with your knife and it’ll break. Once inside the yard, you’ll see the workshop on your left. Within is a locked safe and a piece of paper on the table advising you to “look out the window.”

Be ready for some combat, though, as an enemy will appear when you approach the window. Once that’s in the ground, however, look outside and you’ll see a six-digit code: 07 is on a brick wall, 04 on the frame, and 08 on a tarpaulin. Put them together and you have 070408, which unlocks the safe and gives you a shiny new M1911 handgun, all without spending a single Lei. This is a sizeable step up from the default pistol and should provide you with a decent boost as you face the many horrors that lie in wait ahead of you.

Of course, this type of puzzle is fairly common in the game, so if you use the same kind of lateral thinking, you’ll solve them easily and score more top weaponry. Resident Evil Village is still spilling many of its secrets, too, so watch this space for more.