Predator: Hunting Grounds Now Available On Steam, New Map Added

Predator: Hunting Ground

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Predator: Hunting Grounds‘ initial launch on PlayStation 4 and PC, and developer IllFonic intends to celebrate the occasion in style.

From today, the asymmetrical multiplayer title is now purchasable on Valve’s Steam client accompanied by a special DLC bundle. The aptly-named Predator Package contains four previously available skins for the Yautja: Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie and City Hunter. In addition to these wardrobe options, the add-on will also grant first dibs to three variant masks and six war paint schemes with which to customize your extraterrestrial trophy hunter. For folks who have already been playing for the last 12 months or so, the same deal can be found on all platforms.

As expected, studio CEO Charles Brungardt confirms that fresh-faced Steam players will have access to crossplay functionality, allowing them to team up with or against those on a console, though progress remains non-transferable.

Last but certainly not least, a new map – Airstrip – has joined the pool of existing 4v1 arenas. The jungle terrain of this locale will introduce novel traversal challenges thanks to its verticality, with large open clearings serving as a safe haven for mercenaries doing everything in their power to avoid being eviscerated by a well-placed Plasmacaster barrage. Airstrip comes with 12 in-built missions to experience at your leisure, with rewards aplenty awaiting those who complete them all.

For newcomers just joining the party, a breakdown of all the latest content updates and patches for Predator: Hunting Grounds can be found here. IllFonic also says that additional paid and free DLC will be released throughout the remainder of 2021, with the first scheduled to land sometime in June. Stay tuned for further details.