Pre-Order Far Cry 4 And Receive Its Limited Edition


Those who pledge their support for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4, by pre-ordering the action-packed shooter, will be thanked in limited edition fashion. The publisher made this fact clear today by sending out a mass email with a short blurb about the special version’s bonus content, as well as a short, personality-filled trailer that further hammers it all in.

The gist is that putting down five dollars or more in advance of the game’s release will grant you access to three bonus missions and a badass harpoon gun. Each of the three exclusive quests will have something to do with Hurk and his monkeys, who will once again make an appearance after being a part of Far Cry 3‘s extra content. Hurk looks to be as boisterous as ever, too, and has come bearing a pointy gadget that can be used to impale enemies and stick them to supporting surfaces. Needless to say, that’s the highlight here.

Far Cry 4 will shoot its harpoons at unprepared goons on November 18.